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Share via Email Since , Below Deck has been captivating TV audiences across the globe, offering a highly sought-after peek into the lifestyle of renting multi-million dollar yachts from the perspective of their hard-working crew. During Season 1, viewers were left wondering as the starring yacht’s nameplate was covered in a fairly inexpensive make-over conducted to keep its name hush-hush. All three yachts featured in Below Deck series are available to rent for private luxury yacht charter vacations. It was filmed over a 6-week period from September to October As well as showing the goings-on amongst charter guests, the season gave viewers behind-the-scenes insight into the personal lives of crew members on board HONOR, with tensions rising between crew members Kat and Sam, and a love triangle between Adrienne, Ben and Kat causing a stir. The weekly glimpses into yacht life enjoyed huge success, with the Season 1 enjoying a viewership which impressively increased from 1. A great deal of money was spent an a new classic modern decor. All interior furnishings were reupholstered, new carpets were fitted throughout and new window treatments were applied to the yacht. The latest technology was also installed, including a new WiFi system, audio-visual equipment and Apple systems. A new 65′ Sunbrite TV was additionally fitted on the on sundeck alongside brand new deck furniture, to ensure she offered the most well-equipped, enjoyable outdoor space for charter guests.

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The Honor’s new charter guests are five single guys who enlist Dave and Eddie as wingmen to pick up women. It’s Dave’s birthday and his boyfriend has a very special surprise in store for him.

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Below Deck Reality TV Series on Bravo

All Hands On Deck Eight young, single crewmembers meet one another for the first time aboard the luxury yacht Honor as it prepares to set sail from the beautiful Caribbean island of St. It’ll be high drama on the high seas as these eight ‘yachties’ live, love and work together for the long charter-season, tending to the ever-changing needs of their demanding charter guests. But navigating the interpersonal politics of life onboard will be anything but smooth sailing. Cool Your Jets The Honor crew welcomes their first group of charter guests; a gaggle of flamboyant fashion photographers.

Kat makes a shocking discovery that forces her into an agonizing decision and Adrienne chews out Sam for failing to respect her authority. The new charter guests, a wealthy hypnotist and his friends, come aboard and their special dietary demands tax the crew to the breaking point.

The New York Times‘ Neil Genzlinger calls Bradberry’s new Bravo reality show Below Deck a boring “ship of trolls” that he hopes will sail off the face of the earth, but maybe if the Times’ reviewer had seen Bradberry’s gay porn, he would think twice about being such a bitch.

Snore The show picks back up with the crew dinner where Emile gets drunk and makes an ass of himself. He passes out and she goes to make whipped cream bikinis with Connie. Yeah, you read that correctly. Definitely not an extracurricular that every girls does with her colleagues, stark naked. Apparently, his girlfriend is talking to the guy she cheated on him with and he is not happy. Emile is bummed the next morning.

The guests are sorority sisters and you know Kate had to be snarky about that. But they actually turn out to be really nice people. To further complicate matters for Leon, Kate switches things up a bit for the trip. Actually, not a bad idea. I wonder if production did that to mess with her. But he does turn out some gorgeous filet sliders and cheater brownies. Eddie jokes that Rocky would kill you if you criticized her cooking, but Rocky is the very least of his problems.

And Captain Lee is not happy.

Eddie Grey

Captain Lee and Kate Chastain are the only alumni from previous seasons who will return Ben! Why have you forsaken us? The sheer amount of people that manage to remain unseen while trying to shoot a television show on a yacht is enough to make your eyes bug. That said, incompetence to some degree usually makes for darn good Below Deck, and a rotating cast would make for pretty bad Below Deck.

An uptight IRS agent is ordered to investigate a rural family in debt to the government but the family – including lovely daughter Mariette – help him loosen up.

Season 5 14 full episodes Episode 15 – Reunion Andy Cohen sits down with the cast. Episode 14 – The Champagne Campaign 2 months ago Tensions within the crew run high on the final night of the charter season; Timothy Sykes micromanages the crew; Jen tries to be on her best behavior; Nico summons the courage to end things with Brianna; Jen attempts to mend things with Kate.

Jen feels defeated as her and Kate’s working relationship deteriorates. Kyle and Jen grow closer as she finally has a friend she can lean on, but Kyle has ulterior motives. Nico is conflicted as his feelings for his ex-girlfriend and Brianna continue to grow. Jen reaches her breaking point and things turn physical after a dinner gone sour. Episode 11 – Only Doing It for the Money 2 months ago Captain Lee has a special guest come aboard and the crew gets to see a different side to their leader.

‘Below Deck’ Season 2: Where Are They Now

Nov 17, at In fact, last season, Amy cheated on sweet Eddie Lucas. As a result, the two have severe trust issues with each other and Lucas ends up calling it quits with her.

Filed Under: Below Deck, Entertainment News Tagged With: Below Deck, Below Deck Reunion, Entertainment News December 5, by tamaratattles 46 Comments It’s the final night of the final charter and most everyone is ready for it to be over, except for Brianna it seems.

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Below Deck Eddie Lucas Girlfriend Amy: Still Together Dating

CaptainRex75 Ben 10 has lost everything. Now he is given a second chance in a world full of superheroes. Will Ben decide to continue being a hero?

Hannah Bagshawe Age 35 Wiki: How Eddie Redmayne Wedding Happened. Shawn Killinger Wiki: QVC Host, Husband & Family Gusher, Cancer Victim? Below Deck Kate Chastain Lesbian Beau Violence, Dating Who Now? A Bio. Corinne Olympios Bio: Boyfriend To Company & Business – Thriving Beauty.

Andrew appears in a web series called called Three. He has an old YouTube channel, so if you really miss him, you can always see him here. Samantha Orme Photo by: Samantha has worked as Project Manager for Advanced Environmental Technologies Limited and also has an expertise in wastewater treatment, water quality, and environmental quality.

She obviously loves the water, adventure, and she has something solid to fall back on. Adrienne Gang Adrienne Gang AdrienneGang recently made an appearance recently on Below Deck, and the former chief stewardess has been vocal about women protecting themselves from date rape drug. Adrienne advocates the use of coasters and bands that can detect the drug in drinks. Adrienne herself was victimized by someone who spiked her drink two years ago.

Adrienne behaved out of character was arrested, and later did not remember much from the evening. She was tested for the date rate drug and was found to have high levels of it in her body at the time. David Bradberry David Bradberry Photo by: Aleks Taldykin Aleks Taldykin, Photo by: Aleks leads an active lifestyle as a captain and businessman. Where is CJ from Below Deck?

Below Deck ‘New Kid on the Dock’ Recap: Season 2 Episode 8

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Eddie tried to manage his feelings and relationship while trying to keep his situation with Rocky between the two of them. Once Rocky was too much to take, Eddie tried to distance himself from her. This, however, did not go over well with Rocky and she began to unravel. Rocky ended up telling other members of the crew and that was the end of their secret relationship. On the reunion of the show, Rocky lets Eddie have it when he starts to talk to her and she asks him if his girlfriend is around for her to share info with Eddie decides to not engage in a confrontation with her.

Below Deck returns to Bravo tonight with a new episode of its second season. On tonight’s episode called, “Mojitos Mo’ Problems” Kate is annoyed by the new On tonight’s episode called, “Mojitos Mo’ Problems” Kate is annoyed by the new charter guests and their ongoing demands for special attention.

Following a cast of crew members who work aboard a yacht, the show gives viewers a glimpse into a lifestyle that they may have never seen before. Raised in Michigan, Captain Lee has a pretty interesting life before hitting the seas, and going the cast of Below Deck. He once owned and operated several restaurants, and his love for food can be seen all over his Instagram. He also supports several charities and has worked directly with the Marine Industry Cares Foundation and has helped raise money for the organization.

Kate Chastain With eight years of experience as a stewardess, Kate Chastain is all about working at sea. Amy Johnson As the second stewardess of the Below Deck crew, Amy Johnson has become a recognizable presence on the show. The bubbly brunette from Texas is a hard worker who is willing to do anything it takes to get the job done. However, despite her apparent love for sea, Johnson actually fell into the profession in an unusual way.

As a Below Deck cast member since season one, Eddie Lucas is definitely a familiar face for fans. Emile Kotze With a fresh face and a bright smile, South Africa native, Emile Kotze is another handsome crew member who is stealing hearts through the screen.

Bravo’s Below Deck Is In Hot Water With Fans Over Its Apparent Dismissal of Sexual Assault

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