Vanderpump Rules: Jax & Kristen Rumor Grows, Stassi Leaves Sur


Is it turnt or turn? But the turnt thing is just confusing all types of people. She says the past four days have felt like four months. I figured they were in Mexico for at least a week with the way this stupid trip was stretched out over half a season. Now that Kristen is back, she has to have a conversation with Carter about her and James. Carter is not happy to even hear that Kristen and James walked to the beach together after a night of drinking. To prove it, Lala even offers up a post-bottle cap picture.

Vanderpump Rules recap: Season 6, Episode 19

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An irresistible neighbor who keeps me up while playing guitar naked–spectacularly naked–in his living room. Clearly, avoidance is key. Except nothing about Jax is easy to ignore—not the way he makes me laugh, or that his particular brand of darkness matches mine, or how one look from him melts me faster than butter under a hot sun/5(19).

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Stalker 1 and Stalker 2

We don’t send regular emails, we send cool emails We’ll send you an email once a week with only the best stuff we put out. So I read my last Vanderpump Rules recap, and I was right to not remember any of it because nothing fucking happened. Katie, Kristen, and Stassi are on the beach and Katie drops the bomb shell that Schwartz said Kristen and James hooked up the night before. And then, in some punk-ass bullshit maneuver, Bravo cuts to 12 hours earlier.

Tell me a linear tale.

Wow. Like, wow. We are floored following the rumor that Jax Taylor may have cheated on Brittany Cartwright with Faith. Yes, Faith. The Vanderpump Rules Season 6 premiere was pretty intense — and included that shocking revelation that the SUR bartender may have stepped out on Brittany.

I liked the trip but I kept thinking I was going to get a little bit more, maybe they should have stayed an extra day and fireworks would have really went flying like Kristen Doute’s drink. Speaking of my lord and saviour, after she threw her drink on DJ James Kennedy the entire table erupted in anger and all turned on Miss Doute for being “too dramatic” and “immature” for hurling a drink onto her douchy ex-boyfriend.

In real life I would agree that throwing a liquid onto another person isn’t the right way to channel your anger, however this is reality TV and it would be a problem if Kristen wasn’t acting like a hot mess in front of the cameras. Do people really put extra sauce on top of their pizza or is this just a Stassi thing? First of all, Jax took the call on the balcony so couldn’t Brittany have just stayed inside their room?

How does this happen? Everything that comes out of her bohemian mouth is shady as fuck and Jax definetly wouldn’t be this invested in this reiki shit if he wasn’t 6 inches deep in the instructor. The two adulterers ended the call with Jax saying “Love you” and Kelsey replying “Sounds good honey. Do you really expect me to believe that she hasn’t been plowed by Jax on every surface in his apartment? He actually seems like a solid guy and Kristen would be a real idiot to cheat on his dreamboat face with the British turd of society that is James Kennedy.

I am the only one who forgot that James fucked her on his Beamer when she started dating Carter?! Damn, fidelity really isn’t Kristen’s strong suit. Also, I can’t think of anything more disgusting than getting pounded by a scrawny douchebag wannabe DJ on top of a cheap car, just think about that visual for a second. I would go into detail about the annoyance of both Scheana’s voice and her mating habits, but I’ve done that all season and I think we get the point by now.

Vanderpump Rules: Why Jax Taylor Probably Did Cheat on Brittany

Jax denied having sex more than once with Faith Speaker phone: Brittany had their conversation on speaker phone and was shocked at Jax’s response Moving on: The Kentucky native vowed that she was done with Jax The show opened with Brittany having a ‘hungover spa day’ with Stassi Schroeder.

Stassi, Katie, Brittany and Kristen are at some cinema low-key trying to hook Brittany up with the waiter. They may be crazy bitches, but they’re good friends. But tbh I bet Jax is going to like, mentally fuck Brittany back to when he watches this exchange play out on camera and use it as retroactive justification for his cheating.

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Vanderpump Rules Season 6 News

The drama of the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules began before cameras were even rolling this year. Kristen mysteriously disappeared before the Paris leg causing all sorts of speculation. The two prevailing rumors are, Tequila Kate was ragging on Kristen about being friends with Scheanna or Kristen already had a vacation planned with her man so she planned to come home early. I find it hard to believe that girls on a European trip are even thinking about Scheanna Shay.

On the other hand, the trip she took to Florida and Turks and Caicos was about a week after she flew home from Copenhagen.

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With a cast of hot and sexy somethings all working at the same posh West Hollywood bar, Sur, what could possibly go wrong? Jax is the kind of guy that you just love to hate. That is until his most recent relationship with Kentucky sweetheart Brittany Cartwright. This prim and proper southern bell has virtually transformed the old Jax Taylor into a somewhat stand-up and potentially monogamous companion.

His poor decisions have laid the groundwork for epic TV. Stassi Schroeder, another Vanderpump Rules original, had Taylor wrapped around her finger. Or so she thought. The couple started dating following a drunken hook-up in Vegas shocking before Jax even worked at Sur. The duo was virtually inseparable for the next 18 months but following another drunken display by Jax are we seeing a trend here? This all occurred during season 1 of the show. What made an already horrifying situation even worse was that Jax lied about the incident to everyone imaginable for months on end.

Getting Arrested Even though good girl Brittany has changed Jax Taylor for the better, he did make one monumentally stupid mistake during the beginning of their relationship. During a group trip to Hawaii, Taylor almost misses his flight home after getting arrested for stealing a pair of sunglasses.

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They say a gentleman never kisses and tells but then this reality star Don Juan has never been accused of being a gentleman. The year-old fessed up to Andy Cohen on Monday night after his co-star Tom Schwartz aired some of the television bartender’s celebrity conquests. Scroll down for video Kiss and tell: Jax Taylor pictured on Monday revealed he ‘hooked up’ with Lindsay Lohan seen here last week on Watch What Happens Live on Monday night Tom was asked to provide some ‘Jax Facts’ as part of Andy’s Vanderdump segment – which essentially sees the show’s star reveal secrets of their castmates.

Kristen Doute And Katie Maloney Share Their Thoughts On Jax Taylor Cheating On Brittany Cartwright Only a few minutes into the first episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 6, the fandom was hit with a major scandal: Jax Taylor allegedly cheated on Brittany Cartwright, the saint of SUR, with Faith Stowers, a glorified extra who used to hook up.

The following contains spoilers from the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 premiere. Read at your own risk! It’s a brand new season of Vanderpump Rules , and yet the drama feels oddly familiar. In the Season 6 premiere, another birthday party was derailed by yet another cheating allegation. But this may be the most scandalous one yet since the great Kristen -Jax affair of Season 2.

According to Faith, a former SUR server who appeared on Season 4, she slept with Jax at the home where she’s currently doing live-in care for a year-old woman. Giving credence to her story is the detail that Jax, a noted foot fetishist, sucked her toes. Then again, anyone who has seen Vanderpump Rules, let alone runs in Jax’s circle of friends, knows about his love of stinky feet.

Big Brother Global: Vanderpump Rules Recap: The 9 Lives Of Jax Taylor

E05 “When you get Kristen pointed in the right direction … she’s kind of amazing to watch. That my own sentiments would be repeated back to me by Jax Taylor is the cruelest of ironies, but I suppose I’ll take backup where I can find it. This week, Scheana’s method of detox-by-henpecking took a back seat to the end of Kristen and James’s romantic relationship, the beginning of James and Lala’s romantic relationship, and the end of James and Lala’s romantic relationship.

Jax Taylor’s scandalous hook-up with Faith Stowers has been the talking point of Vanderpump Rules Season 6, but the latest twist in the tale is the biggest stunner yet.

Now the existence of this evidence begs a lot of questions. It suggests to me that she plotted this sting operation for some promised reward. More on that in a minute. First of all, the dirt. VPR pays a couple hundred bucks an episode unless you have a big storyline. She slept with him to secure her story line….. That way she could get a contract and make money. We know the cast is very well-paid—somewhere in the 6 figure arena, not to mention all the money they can make in endorsements.

And Faith, with her impressive military background, came up with a serious battle plan— seducing the year-old Bartender while on-duty caring for a feeble year-old woman. During the indiscretion Jax made some really cringe-worthy confessions. They are both awful.

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I keep reading everywhere that the majority of viewers saw the scene with Jax seeing Collette and that other guy together as him being upset that she was with another guy … I don’t know. Maybe CH just did a bad job at acting in the scene, but his expression just looked neutral to me. He made a huge mistake. It has not happened again and, until I see it on my screen, it will never happen again.

Jan 27,  · Jax and Carmen meet up with Kristen and James Jax looks like he wants to shoot himself. Oh the lengths Jax will go for to get some action. Kristen shares that as soon as Annemarie showed up Sandoval bolted.

How did we not know about this movie before today?!?!?! I am buying that and watching it, I need a good laugh after watching my bank account fall during the holidays. Just when I thought it could not get worst. They all look horrible, I just started watching VP a few months ago I am addicted.. Over the weekend watching the first season seeing how they have all changed,not in good way.

I hope he gets it together. In my limited experience, people who self-identify as smart are morons. It seems natural for production reasons and ironically more honest. You see where this is going and I do too. But I would be completely fine if Stassi got cut. I might just write a recap entirely of cheers. JUST leave the guy alone!!!

How much more clearly can he tell you he hates you? This show really is just getting started and I could not be happier that it is back.

Vanderpump Rules: Tom & Kristen Diss Jax

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