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Photo by Thearon W. The Raiders are currently being sued by a former cheerleader for breaking numerous labor laws, and if her claims are true, it’s hard to believe anyone chooses to do this job. Abcarian allegedly got her hands on the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders’ secret handbook — and some of the guidelines are truly mind-boggling. Here are six of the most condescending and outright ridiculous points: And if you’re a Raiderette, the responsibility for said fraternizing falls squarely on your shoulders. You can call the Raider office with questions about marital status and I encourage you to do so. The handbook also makes it clear that the cheerleaders are to make sure no one is talking about them.

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Although some (maybe all?) teams have rules against players dating cheerleaders of the same team. However, when I attended a Cowboys-Bills game a couple years back, a Bills player scored and made his way over to a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader who turned out to be his girlfriend.

There’s no one in the reception area. He says hello, hoping someone will come and greet him. Maya Kendrick walks in with a look of bewilderment on her face. Lucas greets her normally and she retorts ‘I can’t believe he convinced you to come here. She tells him she’s gonna call her husband, that idiot brother of his. Maya laughs coldly saying that she has no intention of getting along with the likes of him.

Lucas’s tone changes from compassionate and pleading to a serious one. He tells her that he came all this way and all he wants is a massage and that it’s not a big deal.

The Cowboys’ Tony Romo Takes A Potty Break

Cowboys Team attended Brooks’ workout Thu, 29 Jun There hasn’t been much discussion on the guy around Cowboys camp, but since he’s a big linebacker , and has played in a defense for former Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells aide Al Groh, chances are there will be. I’m sure many of you will disagree with some of my choices; but if we agreed on everything, life would be so dull, wouldn’t it?

So without further ado, here are my selections: Roger Staubach The Cowboys had some great quarterbacks including Troy Aikman and “Dandy” Don Meredith but Staubach, who was a tenth round draft pick, was something special. Tony Dorsett I’ll probably get abused for this one; but while Emmitt Smith was more consistent, Dorsett had more big play capability.

Nba cheerleaders dating players plenty of players and cheerleaders nba cheerleader video can nfl cheerleaders date players have hooked up, dated and a few have is nba cheerleaders dating players our list of the top athletes who have fooled around with or had.

He reportedly told a reporter for The Dallas Dispatch Divulger that if he pays off the stadium by December 25, , he will throw a big Texas style barbecue fandango at his 19, acre El Rancho Grande Cowboy Ranch. The Cowboy owner stated that ex-Cowboy Terrell Owens called him up and asked him if he could attend the big barbecue.

Jones said that he had to tell T. He also remarked that he received a text message from Tony Romo’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson asking him if she could attend and if she could also bring along a date. Jones fired off a text telling her that if she dared to show her jinxed-butt anywhere near his ranch that he would have his ranch security guards arrest her and lock her up in the Dallas County Jail.

Jones said that he will be flying in Senor Sendero Cuchillo from Chapultepec, Mexico for his barbecue fandango. Cuchillo is regarded to be the very best fajita barbecuer in the entire Republic of Mexico as well as in the entire state of Texas. Cuchillo’s patented fajita barbecue has won the title of “World’s Best Damn-Good Tasting Fajitas” for the past seven years in a row.

He has a highly secret fajita seasoning recipe that was handed down to him from his father Dr. Honcho Cuchillo, an eyelid specialist. Cuchillo has said that Louisana chef, Emil Ligase has begged him for the recipe, but Cuchillo said that he will never reveal it even if they threatened to take out his toenails with a pair of rusty wire nose pliers.


Making the Team , about choosing the members of the most famous group of cheerleaders ever, is a total guilty pleasure. However, the offscreen drama is often way more interesting than what gets shown on TV. This comes all the way from deep, deep in the heart of Texas. What are some reasons a girl might get kicked off the squad? Reasons to be dismissed from the squad: Basically the DCC comes first.

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What is on second. Yes, What is playing second base. So try this one. A dude hits a single, a double, a triple and a home run. But he hits a single, double, triple and a jack? Jack is in right field.

Official Dallas Stars Website

Laken Litman May 22, 3: There were recent college graduates, triathletes, Laker Girls, former Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers cheerleaders, and dental hygienists. One girl said she races off-road monster trucks for fun. Another had recently returned from serving eight years in the military. The tryout process is grueling. Those women on Day One will ultimately become by the time football season begins in the fall.

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What does it take to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? To be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader you have to be determined, strong, willing, bubbly, loud, energetic, have to have spirit, work out, honest, and caring. It’s not easy being a cheerleader all the time. Yes, it’s nice and it’s nice to get attention but you have to watch what you eat, work out, wake… up early and go to practice, condition like know tomorrow, you have to hold girls that are your weight or a little bit smaller, you have to get along with everyone on your team, when compitions come you have to work extra hard.

Practice for hours, condition, make sure your uniform looks good, whiten your teeth. It’s expensive being a cheerleader but it’s a Passion and a desire. Cheer leading is fun but hard work. There has been some controversy in regards to the actual line upbut as far as putting the pieces together this is what is certain;Suzie Holub center was a Dallas Cheerleader for only one year,

Any NBA/NFL Cheerleaders tea

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The Dallas Cowboys World Corporate Headquarters at The Star in Frisco is a destination created to allow fans to connect with the team in ways they have never imagined. The VIP Guided Tours will give Cowboys fans a chance to experience the place where the Dallas .

Trust me, he’s no Kitna. You’ve read his scoops over at www. Fish, take it away. Mi casa es su casa Tony Romo has misplaced his driver. Training camp in San Antonio is 11 days away – time for the ‘Boys to put away their toys. But not today and not this way: The quarterback suspects he left the stick back in the woods behind the No. Owner Jones has for years attempted to urge, cajole and even order Romo to lasso his non-football activities It’s for the Cowboys sponsors.

So Romo shakes wealthy hands and kisses figurative babies and good-naturedly busts some corporate balls Tony Romo, not playing golf. Courtesy of Six Flags “It’s my pleasure to be involved in this,” Romo says, “because it’s a chance to thank and to hang out with so many of the behind-the-scenes people who help make the Cowboys what they are.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team – Somebody Peed on the Dance Floor?

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