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Thanks for the dtailed post on this great strategy. Saw a teacher use it wuth a variation that i also liked. Students had been given long review to work on the night before. Most of these reviews came back with lots of blank space — things they needed help on before the test. Each original pair of partners were assigned a problem to become experts on. The teacher circulated to ask questions, remind the pairs where to look for help in their notes. Then the rotations begin just as you described. The new pairs took turns explaining their problems to each other.

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Just some things this high school math teacher thinks about Friday, January 28, Trial Run: I spent the week on rational expressions and complex fractions, so I wanted to review all of that. I won’t go into all the details, because I pretty much followed the activity exactly as Kate describes it. So here’s my reflection. What I liked about speed dating:

GCSE Linear Equations. This is a worksheet with a good mixture of exam questions mainly linear equations but also a few questions on simplfying and factorising. The worksheet is aimed at Grade C.

For many of my students, that process is overwhelming because there is a lot more to do on each of those steps, depending on the reaction. We had a block period this day 1 hr 30 min class , so we started with the students making their own chemical equations with their lab partner and doing all 4 steps above to them. This took about minutes depending on the class, especially as I wanted to make sure that a they got all the steps correct and b they understood how to get the right answer for their equation.

After all groups had equations ready, I had them go to the lab so they were standing up and pair up with another lab group. There were whiteboards at the lab tables and I had them divide the boards in half. See the pictures below. If they get stuck, they have immediate help. They also got faster each time they were doing different equations, which was another goal of this activity.

They actually surprised me with how into this activity they were. It was probably partly that they were working on whiteboards where mistakes are okay , and partly a combination of the things I mentioned above.

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JEE Mathematics Syllabus Algebra Algebra of complex numbers, addition, multiplication, conjugation, polar representation, properties of modulus and principal argument, triangle inequality, cube roots of unity, geometric interpretations. Quadratic equations with real coefficients, relations between roots and coefficients, formation of quadratic equations with given roots, symmetric functions of roots.

Arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progressions, arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means, sums of finite arithmetic and geometric progressions, infinite geometric series, sums of squares and cubes of the first n natural numbers. Logarithms and their properties. Permutations and combinations, Binomial theorem for a positive integral index, properties of binomial coefficients.

literal equations number magic and group speed dating math 6th.

I mainly wrote about being a stay at home mom to three boys 4 years old and under while also being the wife of a pastor. So why start one again, and what will it be about after all these years? After attending a summer math PD, I felt it was time to start a blog about my classroom and teaching. I cherish and long for the moments when I laugh so hard and long that my cheeks begin to hurt.

I can remember the last time that happened was on July 12, , but then came Twitter Math Camp July The picture is evidence of the moment. This is the PD that you have always wanted and dreamed of. Thursday morning was the official kickoff to camp.


Such concepts would have been part of everyday life in hunter-gatherer societies. The idea of the “number” concept evolving gradually over time is supported by the existence of languages which preserve the distinction between “one”, “two”, and “many”, but not of numbers larger than two. For example, paleontologists have discovered in a cave in South Africa , ochre rocks about 70, years old, adorned with scratched geometric patterns.

Moreover, hunters and herders employed the concepts of one, two, and many, as well as the idea of none or zero, when considering herds of animals. One common interpretation is that the bone is the earliest known demonstration [8] of sequences of prime numbers and of Ancient Egyptian multiplication. The Ishango bone consists of a series of tally marks carved in three columns running the length of the bone.

Math 2, 3rd Grade Math, Algebra 2, Calculus, Speed Dating, Three Days, Problem Based Learning, Teaching Math, Teaching Ideas Find this Pin and more on Logarithms and exp by Zeina Bitar. See more.

One brick is one kilogram and half a brick heavy. What is the weight of one brick? This is an easy, yet cool math game for kids and adults. There is an easy equation which can help: Having reached the other train, the fly bounces off it and flies back to the first train. The fly repeats the trip until the trains collide and the bug is squashed.

What distance has the fly traveled until its death? There is a complicated and an easy way to calculate this cool math puzzle. Think outside the box. There is a complicated way counting a sequence. Which train will be further from New York when they meet? Kids might know the answer faster than the adults: The New York train will be closer to New York by approximately one train length because they’re coming from different directions. That is, unless you take “meet” to mean “perfectly overlap”.

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Sarah Hagan has a passion for math, and the pi-shaped pendant to prove it. The faded oil town is easy to miss. Fewer than 3, people live there, and the highway humps right around it. There are no stoplights, no movie theater and no bowling alley anymore.

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If you intend to post a link to this blog on Twitter, be aware that for utterly mysterious reasons, Twitter thinks this blog is spam, and will prevent you from linking to it. I call it the “Maple Leaf Loophole. It hits all my requirements for a practice activity: To prepare, you will need cards or slips of paper with problems on one side and the answers on the other. Here are some rational expressions cards to try out.

It’s important to use problems that will take all your kids about the same amount of time to complete. To differentiate, use a mix of difficulties. If you will have the whole class working together, you need as many problems as students. If you are breaking the class into two distinct groups, you need half as many problems as students, but two copies.

Arrange your desks in two rows facing each other, like this: Each student gets a problem. Here’s where you can differentiate, by giving quick workers more difficult problems. You can mark the problems “easy” “medium” “hard” and let the kids pick their challenge level – it works surprisingly well.

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Posted on November 3, 5 comments A problem on a recent assessment I gave to my 9th graders caused me to reflect upon the role of efficiency in mathematical problem solving. In particular, how much value is there in asking students to be efficient with their approaches, if all paths lead to a similar solution? As such, I find I need to embed some algebra refreshing through the semester to dust off cobwebs and set expectations for honors high school work.

For this assessment, we reviewed linear functions from soup to nuts. My observation is that these students often have had slope-intercept form burned into their memory, but that the link between this and standard form is weak or non-existant. Both problem and solution are given in standard form.

A one-volume, one-day algebra course. Alpha Teach Yourself Algebra I in 24 Hours provides readers with a structured, self-paced, straight-forward tutorial on algebra. It’s the perfect textbook companion for students struggling with algebra, a solid primer for those looking to get a head start on an upcoming class, and a welcome refresher for parents tasked with helping out with homework.

All teachers know the following things to be true: We will all feel the pressure of standardized testing. Movement in the classroom, we know its a good thing, yet sometimes it is difficult to manage. Most students enjoy getting out of their seats and doing their work in another part of the class, whether that be with a group or individually.

If managed well, it can we a win-win. Students learning and working happily, teachers facilitating conversation, asking questions, and floating around the room. Wait, maybe that was in my dreams. All joking aside, there are three different types of math review games I would like to share. These are not limited to testing and as mentioned as feedback in the reader survey, hopefully a few tricks to get students engaged to add to your toolbox.

Speed Dating What is Speed Dating?

algebra precalculus

Share this article Share The final question requires you to add the cowboy boot and the horse and multiply by the horseshoe to come up with the corresponding numerical value. Guesses as to the solution of the question varied wildly – with answers ranging from 12 to 48 But, despite initial appearances, the true answer is The first question, involving three horses adding up to 30, tells us that the value of a horse is The second equation, featuring two horseshoes and a horse, allows us to deduce the value of the horseshoe is 4.

The time-saving online video lessons in the Nuclear Physics unit discuss atomic nuclei and nuclear stability, exploring processes which occur at a nuclear level such as nuclear fusion and fission. Topics include: Atomic Nucleus, Nuclear Reactions, Radioactive Isotopes, Carbon Dating, Fission Reactor, Mass-Energy Equivalence.

Trig is not an easy concept for them to grasp and I had to think of ways to help make it easier for them to understand the process. Trig has always been a challenge for my students and each time I teach it I go into this unit hoping for the best because I love it! They always get so frustrated and give up so quickly because they view it as being too difficult for them to learn. In the end, many see the light and realize it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be, while some don’t budge and remain struggling.

I had originally made these task cards for my class to use as practice this year but it was something I never had the time to finish up. The end of this school year was a rough one and everyone was doing their best to keep their heads above water. So needless to say I never got to use them but plan to this year with my new Geometry students.

Had I actually had the chance to use them I would have used them in one of the following ways: All students would complete all problems. Option 2 Put the cards randomly though out my classroom, have students work in pairs and work their way around the room until they have completed all the problems.


I finished the material about 2 weeks ago, so I have been working with plenty of review time. But, with lots of review time, it becomes a challenge to keep students engaged. I know that we have to keep practicing multiple choice questions and free response questions, but we need different methods to do it.

Feb 14,  · Others have posted about various “speed dating” review games, but I just wanted to share one I did recently in Chemistry which went better than I could have expected! We’ve been working on Chemical equations, and I want them to (1) write the .

Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level: Think of a number and follow my instructions. Tell me your answer, and I’ll tell you what you started with! Can you explain how I know? Crossed Ends Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level: Crosses can be drawn on number grids of various sizes. What do you notice when you add opposite ends? Matchless Age 14 to 16 Challenge Level:

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