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Charlie Kamerman has recently February sent me some pictures of items within his amazing collection of early Kodak films. Charlie says “I have hundreds of boxes of film from through the ‘s. And do take a look at Charlie’s site www. The new couplers were incorporated into a resinous binder. The colour couplers were then within the emulsion but not in complete physical contact with it. Only one colour developer and one bleach bath were required. Kodacolor Aero was mainly used by the United States Army Air Force for reconnaissance purposes, the special feature of this film was that it could be processed anywhere without elaborate equipment. The processing sequence and chemical baths for Kodacolor Aero Reversible film were not unlike the processing procedure and baths for the earliest type of Kodak Ektachrome sheet films.

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Posted on by randcollins Few individuals have had more impact on photography, not to mention on society itself, than George Eastman. By July , he had patented a machine for coating glass photographic plates. Strong, he founded the Eastman Dry Plate Company in In , the company introduced celluloid roll film, and in , changed its name to the final form, the Eastman Kodak Company. The first cameras were simple wooden boxes, with the shutter cocked by a string dangling out of the body.

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However, like most things in photography, the idea has been around for a lot longer than you might think. Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak camera, c. Over 2 million were sold before the model was discontinued in During the first decade of the 20th century there was a growing trend toward pocket-sized cameras. In January , The Amateur Photographer magazine commented: The limit must be surely reached soon or…no doubt highly effective cameras for plates the size of postage stamps or smaller will eventuate.

This format was the same as the No 0 Folding Pocket Kodak which had been introduced 10 years earlier. However, improved design and manufacturing the camera body in metal instead of wood meant that the VPK could be made much smaller. As The Amateur Photographer noted in its review: Many variants with different lens and shutter combinations were also produced. View of the bellows and struts of a Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak, c.

The British Journal Photographic Almanac, for example, thought that:

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A graduate in Ceramic Design from Alfred University, Crapsey began work with Kodak in , after being sent home from the war in Europe with one leg fewer than he had taken with him. Crapsey was responsible for the design of a number of well-known Kodak cameras, among them the Brownie Bulls-Eye, the Brownie Hawkeye Flash, the Signet series and the Automatic Seal Beach Pier and Catalina Island.

You might still be able to get old film stock on E-bay, but it would be long expired, since Kodak last made it in

I recently had a very unproductive E-mail exchange with Kodak in regards to their printers default behavior to disable my printer as soon a low ink notification shows up.

It’s a small box of a camera that’s shock-, dust-, freeze- and splashproof with almost the entire top taken up with an f2. That is a very, very wide lens capable of capturing a circular degree view in photos or video. Why would you want to shoot degree videos? That’s a fair question and if you’ve never used one, it would be easy to see it as a gimmick. However, it does bring a more immersive feel to point-of-view POV video, delivering the action from all sides.

If you’re looking to add something different to your POV movies, it gives you another view to work with. Still, if you’re not sold on how it can enhance your videos just yet, JK Imaging , the company that licenses the Kodak brand for its Pixpro cameras, has made it so the SP can also pump out regular Mount the camera with the lens pointing up or down and you get degree photos or video that, with help from desktop and mobile apps, can be played and played with in multiple ways.

Aim the lens directly at your subject and you can record ultrawide-angle movie clips like those you’d get from just about any other action cam.

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The company has teamed up with Bullitt , a Reading-based manufacturer that specialises in building unconventional handsets, to release the Ektra, a premium phone to go on sale this year. The two hope to carve out a niche in the brutally competitive smartphone market by focusing on camera obsessives, rather than trying to challenge Apple, Samsung and Google directly.

It is aimed at those who may already own a DSLR but want the convenience of having a quality camera with them at all times. It has a powerful processor that allows it to instantly process the high-definition shots.

My Photographic Beginnings. The first camera that I owned was a Kodak Brownie that was a present given to me by my brother Jim when I was about ten years old.

The Yashimaflex was quickly followed up with a model called the Pigeonflex. It is hard to find information about these two cameras as they did not sell well, especially outside of Japan. Copies in good condition are extremely rare these days. Although the Yashima TLRs were nice cameras that were capable of great shots, Yashima struggled with sales of these models, especially outside of Japan as the world was not yet ready for a Japanese made camera based off a German designed camera.

It borrowed features from the higher end German Rolleiflex such as an auto-cocking shutter, wind lever, and frame counter. Combined with a state of the art for its time Copal MXV shutter, the Yashicamat was a pretty nice camera and really helped open the eyes of the rest of the world to Japanese made cameras. This must have been pretty confusing for buyers trying to decide which model to buy. Some even had light meters. The earliest ones came with selenium based light meters and eventually battery powered CdS meters were used.

The Yashicamat is near the top of the more desirable models to buy. Some of its strengths are that it had the more advanced features like the film counter, auto cocking shutter, frame counter, and it was made entirely of metal.

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Coin offerings present a quick way to raise funds in digital currency, but the space is a wild west and is largely unregulated. Kodak is a faded icon. Blockchain by name Crypto-companies Kodak says the KodakCoin and new KodakOne blockchain will solve a long standing problem of digital photography rights. Kodak says the service would allow photographers to licence their work using KodakCoin, while also scanning the web to track down copyright violations.

The service is not yet live and the company has yet to release any technical details of its blockchain.

Before Ektachrome Transparency Slide Film Kodacolor Aero Reversible Film. In , Vittum and Jelly, of Eastman Kodak, discovered a type of colour coupler which, unlike the Kodachrome developer couplers, could be combined with the three emulsion layers of a colour new couplers were incorporated into a resinous binder.

I recently had a very unproductive E-mail exchange with Kodak in regards to their printers default behavior to disable my printer as soon a low ink notification shows up. Any chance anyone knows how they monitor the ink level in the ESP series , or even more importantly, how to override it, so I can continue to print until the cartridge is actually empty? Resetting the cartridge counter [if one has a defective chip or a manually refilled cartridge]: Apparently,it is a circuit that carries the count of pages printed to a counter.

The instructions I read were to ‘insert the blade under the line. I had to do it in daylight; you may have better eyes. Since there is no longer an operable counter controlling the printer, it is possible to run completely out of ink, which could damage the printer. Of course, it should be obvious [see point 6, above] long before that point. Refilling cartridges is straightforward, but it is easy to spill the ink.

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The photography products company alleges that camera phones made by the Seoul-based electronics companies and their U. The lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in Rochester seeks unspecified monetary damages. Kodak also lodged a complaint with the International Trade Commission in Washington, a move designed to stop importation of products made with the disputed technology. Samsung issued a statement Tuesday saying it “forbids infringement and unauthorized use” of the intellectual property of other companies and “plans to respond actively to this litigation,” according to Lee Eun-hee, a company spokeswoman.

Graflex Graphic Model History Dating your camera or accessories Your best bet is to determine the model by reading about the Graphic models below.

The invention claimed is: A method for dating photographic prints comprising: The method of claim 1 wherein the scanning steps are performed using a high speed scanner that simultaneously scans both the front side and the back side of the photographic print. The method of claim 1 wherein the scanning steps are performed using a flatbed scanner.

The method of claim 1 wherein the representations of the watermark patterns in the database of photographic print watermarks include bitmaps of the watermark patterns. The method of claim 4 wherein the bitmaps of the watermark patterns include at least one period of periodic watermark patterns. The method of claim 1 wherein the representations of the watermark patterns in the database of photographic print watermarks include geometric descriptions of the watermark patterns.

The method of claim 1 wherein the associated date range corresponds to the range of dates that a photographic print material having the associated watermark pattern was manufactured. The method of claim 1 wherein the step of analyzing the back scan further includes a preliminary screening process for determining whether the back scan contains a photographic print watermark. The method of claim 1 further including the step of analyzing the back scan or the image scan to provide additional information that is used in the step of determining the date range for the image scan.

The method of claim 9 where any back printing contained in the back scan is analyzed to provide the additional information. The method of claim 10 wherein the back printing includes information printed during a photofinishing process. The method of claim 10 wherein the back printing includes labels added to the back of the photographic print by a user.

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He had a bookcase full of old Kodak paper boxes in which he stored his negatives, some of which had both codes printed on the labels. Kodak VELOX paper was a very slow printing paper, producing a blue-black image, suitable for contact printing only, where the negative is placed in contact with the paper to produce a print of the same size. Kodak discontinued the manufacture of Velox paper in

There were a number of 35mm still cameras using perforated movie film prior to the Leica. The first patent for one was issued to Leo, Audobard and Baradat in England in

These lenses were designed originally for use with precision-built miniature cameras where excellent optical performance is a requisite. Their focal lengths and high degree of correction also make them ideally suited for use with television pickup cameras of the image orthicon type where high optical quality is demanded. They are capable of giving excellent resolution and sharpness and are particularly well corrected for lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberration.

Inner air-glass surfaces are Lumenized to reduce reflections, thereby improving shadow details and brilliancy in the image for both black-and-while and color television work. Further technical details concerning these lenses are given below. This lens is especially useful under extremely unfavorable light conditions. In addition to its use on cameras of the image orthicon type, it has also found application in color television work with flying spot scanners. Recommended Maximum Angle of View:

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The bankrupt company, that invented the handheld camera, will stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and and digital picture frames in the first half of , in a bid to cut costs, it announced today. Eastman Kodak Co, is seen as one of the biggest corporate casualties of the digital age, having failed to quickly embrace modern technologies such as digital photography, its own invention.

Kodak’s factory in Rochester, shown, will stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and and digital picture frames in the first half of The beleaguered company, which filed for bankruptcy protection last month, said that Great work: George Eastman was the American inventor and industrialist who created the Kodak camera s well as a process for color photography the move would result in ‘significant’ job losses at the business, which employs people most of whom are based in Rochester, New York.

McKeown’s Price Guide To Antique & Classic Cameras (Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras) [James M. McKeown, Joan C. McKeown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The world’s most complete camera guide lists over 40, collectable cameras from to the s. More than

The Memar and Silette focus by estimation. The Super Silette has rangefinder focusing. This is the original and simplest model apparently produced from until the early s. Sears advertised the Memar as “simplicity and quality at a low cost. It has an Agfa Apotar 45mm f3. Apertures go to f Focus is set by rotating the focus ring in front with focus from 3 feet to infinity. It is not a rangefinder – focus distance is set by estimation. Behind the focus ring is the shutter speed selection ring.

The aperture ring is behind that, closest to the camera. There is no light meter. You set the shutter speed and aperture by estimation or a separate light meter. Film advance is with a lever, something fairly advanced for this level of camera at the time. The film advance cocks the shutter and also increases the exposure count.

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