Blackface Naija says Musicians aren’t doing Anything about Killings


Reconstruction People Africa is now widely recognized as the birthplace of the Hominidae , the taxonomic family to which modern humans belong. Archaeological evidence indicates that the continent has been inhabited by humans and their forebears for some 4, , years or more. Anatomically modern humans are believed to have appeared as early as , years ago in the eastern region of sub-Saharan Africa. Somewhat later those early humans spread into northern Africa and the Middle East and, ultimately, to the rest of the world. As a consequence, the cultures and the physical variations of the peoples reflect adaptation to both hot, dry climates and hot, wet climates. Dark skin is the dominant characteristic of indigenous African peoples, but skin colour is not uniform. Skin colour shows a clinal variation from a light or tan colour in the northern fringe of the continent, which has a Mediterranean climate , to very dark skin in certain Sudanic regions in western and East Africa, where radiation from the Sun has been most intense. Africa has the most physically varied populations in the world, from the tallest peoples to the shortest; body form and facial and other morphological features also vary widely. It is the continent with the greatest human genetic variation, reflecting its evolutionary role as the source of all human DNA.

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However, it has been found in two skeletons from prehistoric Europe: Its subclades are also relatively rare and found in various parts of South West Asia, the Mediterranean basin and continental Europe. A majority of Eurasian R1b falls within this subclade, representing a very large modern population. Although P itself has not yet been much tested for, the same population has been relatively well studied in terms of other markers.

Therefore, the branching within this clade can be explained in relatively high detail below.

Africa is the most tropical of all the continents; some four-fifths of its territory rests between the Tropics of Cancer and a consequence, the cultures and the physical variations of the peoples reflect adaptation to both hot, dry climates and hot, wet climates. Dark skin is the dominant characteristic of indigenous African peoples, but skin colour is not uniform.

Tekno gives women controversial relationship advice Within the Nigerian context, love and sex go together. There is no sex without love and there is no love without sex depending on the guy and babe. Tekno lays down the premise of Nigerian love in the opening lines of his hit song. I know several guys who say when they are toasting babes they go to their church just to make the toasting process a lot smoother and more authentic.

On ‘Pana’ Tekno is letting you know that his relationship with the fictional Folake is serious. After the spirituality comes the materialism with the mention of the Porsche. After going to her church, take her around time in your hot car.

Violent death : 1, killed in 10 weeks

It is the twelfth largest state in Nigeria, and gets its name from the Jos Plateau. It is in the central region of Nigeria and its capital is Jos. The State is situated almost in the middle of the country. It is flanked in the east by Taraba State and in the west by Nassarawa state. With an area of 26, square kilometres, the State has an estimated population of about three million people.

Plateau state was created in February when it was carved out of Benue-Plateau State. The original name of the state capital, Jos, was actually “Gwosh” but it was wrongly pronounced as ‘Jos’ by the Hausa who settled on the site and turned it into a trading centre.

Pakistan’s top human rights watchdog on Friday expressed “alarm and disappointment” over a declaration by the Council of Islamic Ideology that DNA tests are not acceptable as primary evidence in determining rape cases. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan described the Council’s decision as “regressive” and “unkind to rape victims”. In a statement, the Commission said: In these circumstances, it would be foolish to not depend on all the evidence that is available, especially something as incontrovertible as DNA test results,” the statement said.

The Council of Islamic Ideology, a constitutional body that advises the Pakistan government, announced on Wednesday that DNA tests cannot be used as primary evidence in rape cases. DNA can be used as secondary or supporting evidence in rape cases, the Council ruled. Refuting its importance and much more crucially, suggesting that it is made inadmissible as primary evidence helps the rapist and no one else,” the HRCP said. It further said the Council of Islamic Ideology’s recommendation refuses to take into account the rights of rape victims and the need to punish criminals who are proven guilty beyond doubt Man dies after being forced to drink acid, killer suspected him of having an affair with his wife For more on honor related violence, click here.

No one has been arrested so far. Saddar police said that Javaid Khan, a resident of Chak JB, had suspected that his wife and Muddassar Jamal from the neighbourhood were having an affair.


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WAEC May/June result has been released following the statistics that was released by The Head of Nigeria National Office, of the Council, Mr Olu Adenipekun at a news conference in ates can now check their result from WAEC official portal.

Investigation reveals that poor Aisha whose photo you are seeing with Mr. Nyako could not complete her secondary education due to consistent demand of her services by Nyako. Aisha, who lives at Unguwan Rimi in Kaduna, had spent most of her time travelling to Abuja, Jimeta or the usual foreign trips abroad with her sugar daddy, Nyako to the detriment of her educational career. While he was busy destroying the life and future of Aisha, Mr.

Despite his unrelenting determination to rule Adamawa state by all means Nyako, apart from his age and being among the elders of the North is already married to four wives with children and many grandchildren. Some of his contemporaries, who are upset with his style of governance, say that Nyako is a highly ambitious and greedy politician, who has sold out his conscience and integrity for President Goodluck Jonathan and thereby betraying the northern agenda based on PDP zoning agreement.

Nyako is not only one of the most extravagant governors in Nigeria today but one that has legalised corruption by a clique and members of his family through unprecedented looting of the state treasury and saddled with very poor performance.


Vicben14 A lady identified as Witness had her throat slashed lastnight by her boyfriend in Adamawa state. The victim who was identified as Witness is a student of the Adamawa state Polytechnic, Yola campus. She was quickly rushed to the specialist hospital Yola by her fellow female students of the State Poly with her throat slit with knife and other wounds over her face and body. The lady was said to have been dating a young man who was a student of the same institution Adamawa State Polytechnic Yola Campus who had returned to rewrite a pending carry over course.

livinus5 on: White Lady Save Abandoned Mad Woman Dumped By A.. This is really the story of the Good many born Nigerians must have passed by,.. (20 minutes ago) Shammad on: “My Husband Wanted To Use Our Child For Ri.. GOOD DAY FRIENDSTHE NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE ARE AUCTIONING IMPOUNDED TOKUNBO VEHICLES FOR SALE IN A.

Hmnn ……Obasanjo has spoken with uni dimensional vision! What of his own record? OBJ Are you now sorry that you fought so hard to keep Nigeria as one. Ojukwu saw what you are seeing now nearly 50 years ago. You and your cohorts then thwarted it. The sad truth is that you contributed to the mess to a very large extent. Whoever told you that you are good leader.

You instituted godfatherism and are now crying wolf. Isaac Ok, you are worried about the Bola Tinubus generations?

Islam in the News (May )

The video which was released by Ibikunle Daramola, director of public relations information of NAF, documents the increasing active participation of female officers in various de The actress had he Tithing is one of the most controversial topics

Dana Air has been formally admitted into the International Air Transport Association (IATA), according to its Accountable Manager, Mr. Obi Mbanuzuo. Mbanuzuo in a statement said the IATA.

Hence, all of the country’s ten provinces are now known as Regions. The Gotel and Mambila Mountains at the border with Nigeria are largely composed of granite , which gives way to crystalline and metamorphic rock such as mica , schists , and gneiss. These are often covered in volcanic basalt , a combination that dominates until the Faro River. The Lom River also rises in a region of metamorphic rock. Soils are mostly made up of brown or brownish-red laterites , the result of the annual shift between dry and wet conditions and soil wash on the mountains.

Iron and aluminium content is high, which causes hardpans , duracrust, or cuirasses to form near the surface due to oxidation. The soil of the Lom valley is a lightly evolved composition of raw materials, as is that directly northwest of the Mbakaou Reservoir and directly west of the Faro River. The extreme northwest of the province has ferruginous soil instead, and many of the province’s mountains, including the Gotels and Mambilas, contain mixtures of several soil types.

Drainage The Adamawa is sometimes dubbed the “water tower” of Cameroon, since a large number of the country’s rivers rise in the area. All of these fall into a tropical regime, with a period of high water from May to September during the rainy season, and a period of low water — or even complete dryness — from October to April. The province’s rivers fall into three different basins:

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Kadu The postulated genetic unity of Nilo-Saharan is now widely accepted, but its internal classification, and especially the integrity of larger units proposed by Greenberg, such as Eastern Sudanic, has been questioned. Overall historical-comparative work in the strict sense, using Neogrammarian notions of regular sound correspondences between cognate forms in related languages and notions of shared innovations in order to arrive at proper subclassifications as developed in the comparative study of Indo-European languages , is still lacking for the family as a whole.

Considerable progress has been made, however, in the comparative study of several well-established lower-level units such as Nilotic , Nubian , and Saharan.

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The intra-continental Congo—Zaire Basin was also a long-lived feature, as well as the Somali Basin from Late Carboniferous times, in conjunction with the development of the Karoo basins of southern Africa. This configuration, in combination with eustatic sea-level fluctuations, had a strong influence on facies distributions.

The Paleozoic tectonic history shows an alternation of long periods of predominantly gentle basin subsidence and short periods of gentle folding and occasionally basin inversion. The Nubia Province was the site of numerous alkaline anorogenic intrusions, starting in Ordovician times, and subsequently formed a large swell. The strongest deformations, including folding, thrusting, and active strike-slip faulting, were registered in Northwestern Africa during the last stage of the Pan-African Belt development around the West African Craton end Early Cambrian and during the polyphased Hercynian—Variscan Orogeny that extended the final closure of the Paleotethys Ocean and resulted in the formation of the Maghrebian and Mauritanides belts.

Only gentle deformation affected central and northeastern African during the Paleozoic, the latter remaining a passive margin of the Paleotethys Ocean up to the Early Permian when the development of the Neotethys initiated along the Eastern Mediterranean Basins. The Mesozoic—Cenozoic sedimentary sequence similarly consists of a succession of eustatically and tectonically controlled depositional cycles.

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Tassili n’Ajjer rock art The earliest evidence that shed some light on the pre-historic Fulani culture can be found in the Tassili n’Ajjer rock art, which seem to depict the early life of the people dating back to BCE. Examination of these rock paintings suggests the presence of proto-Fulani cultural traits in the region by at least the 4th millennium BCE. At the Tin Tazarift site, for instance, historian Amadou Hampate Ba recognized a scene of the ‘lotori’ ceremony, a celebration of the ox’s aquatic origin.

In a finger motif, Ba detected an allusion to the myth of the hand of the first Fulani herdsman, Kikala. At Tin Felki, Ba recognized a hexagonal carnelian jewel as related to the Agades cross, a fertility charm still used by Fulani women. There are also details in the paintings which correspond to elements from Fulani myths taught during the initiation rites like the hermaphroditic cow.

Haplogroup R1b (R-M), also known as Hg1 and Eu18, is a human Y-chromosome haplogroup.. It is the most frequently occurring paternal lineage in Western Europe, as well as some parts of Russia (e.g. the Bashkir minority) and Central Africa (e.g. Chad and Cameroon).The clade is also present at lower frequencies throughout Eastern Europe, Western Asia, as well as parts of North Africa, South.

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Adamawa: Troops hunt for Boko Haram elements

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